Coltraco Ultrasonics - Portalevel Max
Portalevel - Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

Manufactured Systems and Products 

Coltraco Limited is committed to delivering Safesite™ 
A fixed system to constantly monitor the contents of fixed fire suppression systems by alerting the operator to any accidental discharge or seepage of FM200, NOVEC or CO2 
The system configuration for multiple cylinder permanent monitoring through one central permalevel control point up to 16 cylinders. 
Permanent monitoring of liquid level in individual cylinders designed for up to 5 cylinders.  
Low-cost alternative to continuous fire-suppresant cylinder monitoring and ideal for CO2 systems as it closely monitors the weight of fire suppressing agent they contain. 
The 8th generation liquid level indication designed to be used habitually to monitor FM200, NOVEC or CO2 in fixed fire suppression systems 
Coltraco Limited is committed to delivering Safeship™ 
A portable unit to measure the watertight or weathertight integrity of rigs and platforms “doors and ships” hatchcovers 
A marinised variant of Portalevel, and equipped with a Multi Banked Extension Rod for ships banked rows of cylinders. 
The 8th generation unit to measure levels of fire suppression contents (FM200, NOVEC or CO2) in banked cylinders especially onboard ships and bulk carriers. Package includes our Marine Extension Rod. 
Coltraco Limited manages a range of products which supports Safesite™ and Safeship™ 
Low Cost Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, incredibly simple to use utilizing single echo technology. Ideal for corrosion, rust or condition inspections. 
Thickness gauge utilizing triple echo technology to allow operators to inspect underlying metal thickness, regardless of any surface coatings. 
Handheld portable clamp-on transit flow meter for accurate flow measurement - especially for fire protection water sprinkler and fire hydrant systems. 
Condition indicator device which utilizes strong monitoring techniques to analyze the health state of rotating machinery with regards to the health and lubrication of bearings. 
Coltraco Limited is committed in providing excellent after sales customer service 
Enhanced After Sales Customer Service Total Care Proposal - a 5 year service designed to cap the cost of ownership and enable 24/7 availabilty of the equipment above throughout a 5 - 8 year term length. 
Re-Calibration service, repair capabilities and technical support to ensure the best operation of your current equipment. 
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